Al J. Schneider (1914-2001)

Al J. Schneider was a Louisville visionary who pioneered the transformation and renaissance of the riverfront by building the city's largest hotel at the time - and the first new downtown hotel in 40 years - on Fourth Street at the river. Mr. Schneider also led the effort to open the riverfront to public access with the construction of the city's Belvedere. The outspoken, big dreaming builder established a reputation as a man who did things rather than talked about them. He has been recognized as the "savior of the Louisville waterfront", and credited with bringing more change and improvements to the city's appearance than anyone else in recent history.

Mr. Schneider built the 690 room Galt House Hotel RIVUE Tower in 1972 and it was such a success that the SUITE Tower was built 12 years later, boasting 600 suites, more than any hotel outside Las Vegas. The towers helped spur downtown development and convention business to new heights.

Throughout his life, Mr. Schneider demonstrated his philanthropy and profound belief in supporting education by reaching out to those in greatest need. His legacy is greater than The Al J. Schneider Company as his foundation continues to benefit the community.


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